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There is no successful wedding without help from an Italian wedding planner. This professional figure is widespread in the USA and Northern Europe and, as the name says, has the task of planning the wedding. In Italy the wedding planner arrives about 15 years ago and plays a key part in the wedding. Its role made famous by the film "Sooner or later I get married". Today more and more couples choose to involve professionals in the sector to better organize the best day of life.
Marriage is going to stage only once, so everything needs to be organized in detail.


The wedding planner is a professional who can be defined as the creative and the architect of the wedding, but also the best friend of the couple. Its task is to help achieve the perfect wedding and has a fundamental role in:

finding the right venue to celebrate the wedding reception;
study and creation of the mood of the event;
search for the most proper suppliers.

In addition to these technical tasks, the Italy wedding planner comforts the couple and supports them in times of greater tension and stress.

Destination Italy wedding: How to choose a professional person

The choice of the person to whom the organization should be entrusted depends on personal needs and budget and it is not an easy thing. Bride and groom and wedding planner should always be in tune because it is essential listen and deeply comprehend the requirements and tastes of the clients.

For these reasons, the first factor to consider is professionalism. Who organizes the Italy wedding have to inform the bride and groom all the time to accompany them on the best day. It is important to establish an affinity because not always the most qualified persons is appropriate for the specific needs of the couple.

Listening and comprehension

The wedding planner fulfills the wishes of the couple, respecting the budget and helping them to focus on the important goals of the wedding. But not only: A good professional listens to and understands the couple, to manage the preparations without stress and in his work knows how to recommend the most suitable solutions, respecting the needs of the couple and budget. The Italy wedding planner is responsible for coordinating the different suppliers involved in the organization of wedding, to give life to a fabulous day.

Destination Italy wedding: Passion for the job

A true pro shows enthusiasm for what he does, is ambitious and loves his job. These characteristics must be found from the first meeting because they allow you to understand that organizing weddings more than a job is a real passion. If you find these qualities, you’re looking at the ideal person to make your wedding a reality.

Patience and understanding

Those who organize weddings have to know how to meet the needs of the couple and if ideas of the professional disagree with those of the bride and groom will surely be difficult to plan the wedding day. The advice of DJ Service Roma is to choose a figure that reflects your personality and personal idea of style to give to the reception, without worrying about being picky. The real wedding expert is very patient and just patience and understanding confirm his professionalism. Our staff is able to accompany each married couple through the various steps of this journey.

Destination Italy wedding: The advantages of relying on a professional

More and more couples choose to rely on Italy wedding planner to plan, in every detail, the wedding. Whatever you need, you can count on our professional staff, who allows you to avoid the mistakes typical of DIY organization. During the most beautiful day of your life our staff is always at your side to help you enjoy the moment and relax.

A wedding cannot be improvised, its management requires a lot of time and a specialist to accompany the couple until the day of the celebration.

In the United States the wedding planner is an indispensable figure for several years. Nowadays it is also spreading in Italy. The best wedding specialist needs to be an expert in wedding planning and his tasks are many:

  • choice of wedding invitations;
  • choice of location;
  • choice of the theme of the ceremony;
  • choice of setting and decorations;
  • choice of wedding dress, wedding suit and bridesmaids' dress;
  • choice of florist and flower arrangements;
  • choice of wedding favors;
  • choice of wedding cake.

All this happens with the collaboration and approval of the bride and groom, but relying on Italy expert means saving time during the preparation and being able to count on who already know the best suppliers in the area.

Perfect organization

Perfect organization

Wedding and wedding reception, like any event, require perfect organization. The role of the wedding planner is to know how to live a beautiful life experience without creating stress and pressure. Its task is to coordinate suppliers and manage them according to a precise schedule, to ensure that everything is perfect at the right time.


Problem solving

During the organization of the wedding inconveniences can happen, especially if there are many suppliers. For example a sudden downpour on the wedding day, the late delivery of flowers and more. In these cases the wedding planner keep it cool and quickly finds a solution by reorganizing the event at its best. Problem solving is the winning feature of any expert wedding planning.

Problem solving

So much creativity

Wedding planners need to possess creativity and artistic sense. These are innate characteristics that you don’t learn from books. Most couples choose a wedding style and they expect this professional person gives shape to their ideas with good taste. The advice is to look at examples of his previous works to understand the aesthetic and stylistic imprint and identify the kind of reception you prefer.

Destination Italy wedding: Large number of contacts

The figures involved in the wedding organization are really many. Who have to take care of the preparations, caterers, florists, wedding favors makers, tailor, hairdresser... it’s impossible to contact them all alone. The secret to plan at best your wedding is to rely on a professional with a long list of contacts who can always indicate the best expert in his field and involve him in wedding arrangements.

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