Scuderie Cicognani

Another perfect location for parties is Scuderie Cicognani, a splendid structure just outside Rome, between Ostia and the Eur district. Scuderie Cicognani is the ideal answer to organize any type of event, private party and reception, from the 18, 30, 40, 50th birthday party to the bachelorette or bachelor party and many more. This large and bright location is made even more fascinating by the presence of a big pool surrounded by an English lawn, while its typically industrial style makes it suitable for the private party of the youngest thanks to a cheerful and sparkling atmosphere.

To customize the party you can set up Scuderie Cicognani as you please, choosing the style you want. The interior of the Scuderie Cicognani is characterized by a large living room with wooden beams, while the large outdoor garden is perfect for buffets and aperitifs. In any case, all the rooms of the structure are adaptable according to your needs and the characteristics of the party.

But not only: Scuderie Cicognani is located in one of the most interesting areas from an archaeological point of view, a few steps from excavations of ancient Ostia and Medieval Village and so representing the perfect location for events just a short distance from the Capital.


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