La Porta del Principe

During the organization of a wedding there are many aspects to think about: wedding dress, wedding rings, reception and much more. The first thing is certainly to choose the best venue for your needs. One of the most appreciated by Romans is Porta del Principe, surrounded by nature. This large villa in Art Nouveau style of 1800 has beautiful rooms overlooking the garden and offers a wedding menu prepared by skilled chefs. Those who love elegance and good taste will definitely appreciate that. In the garden of the villa you can organize symbolic wedding with the reading of texts chosen for the occasion or the wishes of the guests, to create a moment of intimacy within the wedding reception. Live music entertainment will be the icing on the cake to emphasize the most exciting moments of your marriage.

Porta del Principe is the ideal location to celebrate any kind of special event: birthdays, important goals such as graduation, wedding anniversaries. Any occasion you want to celebrate, Porta del Principe is the perfect venue. You can choose together with the chefs the menu and how to set up the room: the best professionals will create for you a coordinated event that will leave guests speechless.


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