Casale Colle Monastero

Casale Colle Monastero dates back to the mid-80s. Initially it was a dairy cow barn raised by the farm Cinque Stelle. During the construction, curated by the architect Giovanni Rebecchini, the destination is transformed as a location to host the events of “Pane, Amore e Fantasia”, one of the first Italian fast food restaurants. Nowadays Casale Colle Monastero is the ideal place to celebrate ceremonies such as baptisms, communions and confirmations.

The location has two big rooms for parties and large gardens surround the structure, welcoming guests in refined environments. Menus, settings and decorations are studied in detail and suitable for every need, to turn every event into a fairy tale. The creativity of the chefs allows you to experience a cuisine that ranges among the regional tradition and the modernity of international cuisine.

In addition to weddings, Casale Colle Monastero is the perfect location for private and corporate parties, conferences and any kind of event with the certainty that every detail is thoughtfully considered to achieve a high emotional and communicative impact. The great spaces are perfect for hosting big and small events, in particular weddings, private parties, corporate parties, conferences and congresses organized in a creative and original way.


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