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If you will get married in Tuscany, your Tuscany wedding will give you breathtaking landscapes combined with an offer of excellence unique in the world. Tuscany is the main location for whoever looks for a destination wedding, constantly growing phenomenon, which in this case takes the name of Italy wedding. More and more foreigners they choose Italy for marriage, that is the celebration of the wedding in Italy and the result is an important business in terms of reception, transportation, overnight stays and any other type of connected tourist activity.


In the last few years, Tuscany wedding and destination wedding in Italy involved thousands of weddings bringing to Italy newlyweds and guests from all over the world: United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, Brazil and United Arab Emirates. The weddings were organized in the provinces of Tuscany and the main locations were villas, farmhouses, castles and luxury hotels. This is a phenomenon in expansion that involves all the operators specialized in the organization of the wedding: photographers, event planner, operators of the tourist and catering industry, suppliers of various kinds.

Destination wedding include a series of events that go beyond the wedding planning. Whoever chooses the italian wedding need to plan long-haul trips in collaboration with international agencies and arrange the accommodation for newlyweds and guests who choose Italy for marriage. In addition, trips to the region to visit the different cities and pleasant activities, such as guided tours and tastings should be provided for.

For this reason, who choose tuscany for marriage must rely on specialized agencies able to organize the wedding in Tuscany with preparation and competence. Besides accommodation facilities and wedding reception venues, the Italian wedding involves many professionals, including hairdressers, florists, drivers, makeup artists and musicians. It is not for nothing that being part of the organization of your wedding means for operators in the sector to enter an international market, with great benefits for all the professionals involved.

The most popular wedding
destinations in Italy

Among the most popular destinations there is Tuscany and the success of your wedding is easily explained: in Tuscany there are scenic, artistic, historical and gastronomic attractions. It is not by chance the region is one of the most appreciated destinations by foreigners who choose to get married in Italy. Choosing to get married in Italy means surrounding yourself with the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world and offering to guests a stay of a few days to remember for a lifetime. For agencies that provide destination wedding, the Tuscany wedding is a winning move because of the large number of side activities that can be associated with the ceremony and wedding reception. There are many itineraries in cities known and appreciated all over the world such as Florence, Siena, Lucca or visits to historic and characteristic villages such as Volterra and San Gimignano.

Our service can also includes a visit to museums and art galleries and tastings of typical regional products such as Florentine steak and extra virgin olive oil. Last but not least, Tuscany wedding means visiting the historic wineries of the Chianti region to taste the best wines directly from the producers.

Tuscany: the benefits for territory

Choosing getting married in Tuscany means helping local operators, who thanks to this phenomenon of fashion can enter new markets and have the opportunity to make Tuscany known as a privileged destination of wedding tourism. Our wedding agency plays a leading role in the organization of exclusive weddings for foreigners in Tuscany. Choosing to contact us for the Tuscany wedding means relying on the best quality and exclusive services for the satisfaction not only of customers, but also of the territory that hosts them.

Why getting married in Tuscany

Choosing Italy for marriage means celebrating your wedding in a land with wonderful views and lush vineyards. The fabulous hills and sunsets have inspired the great artists of the past, from Leonardo to Giotto. Tuscany has always been the land of art, history, good food and good wine. For these reasons many couples choose Tuscany wedding to combine love and beauty and to make a romantic getaway: lovers of Tuscany can choose this Italian region not only for their wedding, but also for anniversaries or for a romantic holiday.

Top 10 reasons to choose Italy for marriage

Choosing Tuscany wedding and getting married in Tuscany is a recommended choice for 10 good reasons:

  • plenty of locations to organize a wedding: romantic castles, villas, SPA and resort;
  • possibility to celebrate marriage with civil ceremonies valid all over the world;
  • possibility for Catholics to get married in baroque and Romanesque churches extremely romantic; possibility for Jews and Protestants to celebrate the wedding in Florence;
  • possibility to stay in Tuscany after the wedding for the honeymoon;
  • possibility to choose different types of setting, from the hills to the coast to the Apuan Alps;
  • possibility to celebrate the wedding in a different way depending on the available budget;
  • excellent offer of hospitality, food and wine;
  • possibility to create a perfect wedding album;
  • possibility to have at your disposal a team of specialists such as wedding planners, photographers, chefs and videomakers relying on our expert agency.
Perfect organization
Problem solving

More reasons to choose to get married in Tuscany

In addition to the reasons just seen, there are other reasons that lead couples from all over the world to choose to get married in Tuscany. Let’s see what they are.

Breathtaking landscapes: getting married in Tuscany means plunging into the evocative hills of Chianti, admiring the clear waters of the Argentario promontory and visiting the most famous art cities in the world, such as Florence, which has always been the perfect setting for a special day.

Culinary tradition: Tuscan cuisine is the expression of dishes prepared with love and simple and genuine ingredients. Those who choose the Tuscany wedding can propose local products and tasty dishes.

Important wines: choosing Italy for marriage means celebrating the wedding in one of the most important wine areas in the world. As for red wines, the most appreciated and well-known are Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano that are derived from the Sangiovese grape. Among the white wines deserves a special note the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Dream location: Tuscany offers to bride and groom a wide choice of dream locations, ranging from the rustic farm in the Tuscan countryside to the historic villas, up to the luxurious resorts. Have a Tuscany wedding means being able to set up the various spaces according to your tastes and desires.

Romanticism: Tuscany has always been a romantic destination and, if you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend the 2003 film "Under the Toscan sun", set in Cortona, to better understand all the advantages to choose Italy for marriage.

Tuscany: a long weekend wedding

The wedding in Tuscany is the perfect opportunity to spend three days in a special place with the closest relatives and friends. This Italian region is the ideal setting to organize weddings being a central Italy region, easily accessible from abroad and well equipped in terms of accommodation. It also offers very different contexts for all tastes.

In Tuscany you can find B&B, hotels and resorts located by the sea, with the possibility to celebrate the wedding on the beach, or inland, surrounded by the beauty of the hills. Many newlyweds love the idea of spending a weekend in the countryside, organizing bike tours, tastings of meats and wines, horseback riding and cooking masterclasses.

Tuscany: the land of those who love homemade food and excellent wine

As mentioned, the wedding reception in Tuscany includes the best homemade and traditional cuisine, accompanied by a wide selection of the best wines of territory. Not surprisingly, Tuscany has always been the perfect place to organize the wedding. Many newlyweds choose the sea, with menu of seafood, while others prefer the hinterland with the meat menu. Each dish is characterized by the traditional flavor of this region: wild boar meat sauce, fish caciucco, meats and cheese platters, pasta. The rustic and homemade Tuscan taste can also be found in the wedding cake, which includes a rich variety of flavors.

An intimate and rustic wedding

When you get married in Tuscany you immediately feel at home, thanks to the many locations that give an intimate and rustic atmosphere at the same time. Country estates, farmhouses and resorts are perfect for a joyful party among friends with long tables and great attention to every detail. The beauty of this Italian region is having unique but typical places, such as the restored farmhouses in the countryside, known and appreciated all over the world.

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