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Plan your wedding or event with us
in a wonderful location in Italy

We are an agency in Rome that organizes events and weddings in Rome, on the Roman coast,
as well as other locations in central Italy.

Our staff is made up of specialized professionals who will take care of your wedding in every detail.
We work together with a wide list of locations and venues, including the best hotels, villas and restaurants in Rome.
Our team has the necessary experience to make your wedding an EXTRAORDINARY WEDDING!


A wedding planner will handle the complete organization of your tailor-made wedding,
ensuring a flawless event that meets all your wishes.

The choice of the best location and sets to make this special day magical.
Creation of a unique style for your Italy wedding with flower arrangement, mise en place, furnishings and stationary.

A wedding planner at your disposal for a perfect organization of the most important day of your life

A selection of the most exclusive locations in Rome for an event crafted with meticulous attention to details. Excellent catering and staff


Vintage cars, supercars and limousines at your disposal for weddings and for all types of events


Our agency will help you plan your wedding in Rome. The organization takes a long time whether you choose traditional locations or a wedding on the beach. The key to a successful wedding is planning everything well in advance. The things to do to celebrate the wedding in Rome are truly many: we have to think about wedding dresses, decorations, photographer, wedding favors and the choice of the perfect setting. Let’s see how to organize the best Italy wedding.
The reception can take place in a modern location or in an ancient palace. Depending on the number of guests and the style chosen, the catering can be standing or sitting, elegant or informal.


We create magical sets with exceptional attention to detail to make your wedding day unique and unforgettable.


During the first interview we listen to your ideas and we plan the necessary steps to achieve all the objectives, making exclusive your Italy wedding.

Unique style

All details will conform to the style you have chosen. The mise en place, the furnishings and the stationary will create a design coordinated with the style of the location, creating great scenic impact.


Planning an important event like a wedding requires a series of perfectly coordinated services that must be in harmony with the style of the ceremony. We offer you our experience and support for every type of need, from the choice of location, to the choice of catering, photographer and many other personalized services. services.


We have among our partners the best locations of the Capital and the Roman coast. Villas, historic buildings, prestigious restaurants and summer venues on the Roman coast.


We offer a catering service Rome and banqueting Rome. We collaborate with excellent catering professionals to offer the best culinary experience to your guests.

Photography and Video-making

We create a perfect wedding reportage taking natural-looking shots to capture indelibly in time your memories of the most beautiful day of your life. We also plan the shots according to the favorite style by the bride and groom.

Make-up artist e Hair stylist

A perfect make-up and a perfect hairstyle enhance the lines of your face, always respecting the image of the bride and groom.


Italy wedding: choose the date and the guests

The starting point for planning the wedding party is to choose the date. You have to think about the season, the month and find the location available on the exact day. In the case of the wedding in Rome, to have the availability of the church or the City as well as the location of the reception is important to have at least two or three alternative dates. The second thing to do when planning the wedding in Rome is the list of potential guests. This step allows to clarify the characteristics of the location, the catering and they are one of the things that the suppliers ask in order to organize the event in the best way.

Italy wedding: Design the event's style and the suppliers for the wedding

The wedding party in Rome can have different styles, which must represent the personality of the couple and have a meaning for the bride and groom. Based on the style of location, all the spaces will be set up creating a unique final effect.

Wedding planners, musicians, Djs, photographers and all the figures that should be involved on the wedding day must be booked well in advance. The florist can not miss because it is his job to take care of the floral decorations for the location of the ceremony and banquet, but above all the preparation of the bride’s bouquet. Finally, the list of suppliers includes cars, entertainment, participations and wedding favors as well as makeup and hairstylist

Italy wedding: Choose best man and bridesmaids

Many newlyweds know who will be the best man on the wedding day or the bridesmaids who will accompany the bride to church, but those interested do not know. It is important to communicate to the chosen ones their role as soon as possible, so that they have time to organize. They will surely be happy, but they will also want to be prepared for the occasion. The elements necessary to organize the wedding are really many and to always have the whole situation under control we suggest to create an event agenda to be keep always at hand.

Italy wedding: Choosing the wedding dress and groom suit

The organization of the wedding in Rome is distinguished by a unique element: the choice of the wedding dress and groom suit. To make the perfect choice we recommend first to look into the mood of trends proposed by the wedding catalogues and then book appointments in the atelier, where to describe the characteristics of the desired dress.

Italy wedding: The seating plan in the wedding banquet

As for the wedding banquet the couple will have to define the seating plan, dividing the guests by families and acquaintances to avoid possible embarrassment and uncomfortable situations. At the end of the work the seating plan can be printed and will be delivered to the catering that will show it at the entrance of the reception hall on the wedding day.

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